Traditional American Menswear

Michael Spencer is a company that offers traditional menswear that has withstood the test of time. Our clothing is intended to invoke a connection to the past and to create a sense of nostalgia.

Nostalgia is a word that one does not normally associate with menswear, but it is the essence of our mission at Michael Spencer. Nostalgia is a yearning or affection for things of the past. Nostalgia creates reflections of happy and personal associations; nostalgia is far more powerful than memory alone. Nostalgia takes us to a place we long to be.

At Michael Spencer, we offer clothing that is based on a period of time between the early 1930’s and the mid 1960’s. This era was a remarkable time in history.  It witnessed the golden era of the silver screen. It saw the nations of the world go to war and hosted a post war boom in America that was lead by what came to be known as our greatest generation. It was a time when Japan and Germany were digging out from beneath the rubble of war and laying the foundation of future economic strength. It was a time when families were strong, patriotism was promoted, and faith was prominent.  It was also an era unequaled in style, quality, elegance and sophistication. During this time frame most of the seeds of classic style were sewn.

The power of nostalgia is reflected in every aspect of Michael Spencer’s products.  It is manifested in our commitment to offer apparel that is true to its heritage. At Michael Spencer, the power of nostalgia is reflected in our tagline: Tradition, Style, Quality. These three words are not only our tagline; they represent our core values and are at the very heart of what we strive to be.

Tradition. Style. Quality.

These three simple words are the foundation of Michael-Spencer. They are what motivated us to start the company. They are the goals that supply the passion that pushes us forward and the anchor that provides the inspiration that we draw from the past. These are the words that we want to have associated with each and every Michael-Spencer product.


Tradition is the art of withstanding the test of time. For a product to obtain the lofty status of tradition, it must be unwavering in its commitment to the past and have the ability to survive into the future. Tradition is apparel that was the standard in previous decades yet is also totally acceptable and appropriate today. Tradition means staying true to classic designs and resisting the temptation to sacrifice time-honored standards for some modern interpretation of how classic clothing should look; it means avoiding extremes in fit, features and style. Tradition is where we draw the inspiration for our apparel. It is what we hope to achieve.


Style can perhaps best be defined as the antithesis to fashion. Unlike fashion, style is enduring. Style is knowing the rules of proper dress and perhaps even more importantly knowing how and when to bend or break those rules. Every well dressed gentleman develops a sense of individual style. Our job at Michael-Spencer is to give you the tools you need to create an expression of style that is unique and personal. With our extensive selection of collar, cuff, fit and, design options Michael-Spencer provides the paint that allows each of our customers to create a masterpiece on their individual canvas of style.


Quality apparel is not a purchase; it is an investment. It may cost more initially, but due to its longevity will actually cost less in the long run. One of the hallmarks of quality apparel is its ability to get better with time; the more it is worn, the better it looks and feels. Quality is the perfect blending of premium components and superior craftsmanship. Michael-Spencer uses only the finest fabrics which are carefully cut and sewn by experienced, highly skilled artisans. We are committed to the constant pursuit of quality.

This is the reason we decided to have our shirts are crafted with pride in the USA. We want our customers to recognize quality as an integral component of the Michael-Spencer brand.