Collar Descriptions

The Legacy Button Down CollarThe Legacy Button Down Collar

This classic collar has achieved virtually iconic status in the traditional American wardrobe. The Legacy Button Down features 3.5 inches of cascading cloth which culminates in the perfectly executed roll that is so desirable to the devotees of this style. The Legacy Button-Down has withstood the test of time, the vagaries of fashion, and perhaps more than any other collar, has become symbolic of the free-spirited American style.

Point Length: 3½”

Spread: 3¼”

Tie Space: ½”

The Grayson Point CollarThe Grayson Point Collar

The Grayson Point Collar is the epitome of understated elegance.  It is never too formal, nor is it ever too casual.  It truly offers the best of both worlds.  This collar may be stylishly worn with or without a tie; it is equally appropriate in either setting. Those who would like to add a touch of panache will find that the Grayson provides the perfect setting for their favourite collar pin.  Wearing this collar pinned will only serve to further enhance its flexibility and appeal. The Grayson Point Collar is truly a collar that is suitable for all seasons and all occasions.

Point Length: 3”

Spread: 3½”

Tie Space: ⅜”

The Sterling Spread CollarThe Sterling Spread Collar

This British inspired collar will add a welcomed touch of variety and class to your shirt ensemble. Although we consider the Sterling Spread Collar our most formal collar, it is still surprisingly versatile.  The width of its spread and the angle of its lines, make this the perfect collar to be worn with a double-breasted suit.  However, despite its formal nature, the collar can be equally successful when paired with a more casual suit or odd jacket. This pairing tends to give the wearer a truly unique appearance.  It offers a look that is wonderfully out of place, while at the same time being totally appropriate and acceptable. The Sterling should have representation in the wardrobe of every stylish and sophisticated gentleman.

Point Length: 3”

Spread: 6”

Tie Space: ⅜

The Madison Modified Spread CollarThe Madison Modified Spread Collar

We believe the Madison Modified Spread Collar is destined to become the collar of preference for many men of discerning style and taste. The length of its points is reminiscent of our Grayson Point Collar while its wider spread offers a degree of the formality of the Sterling Spread Collar. This unique blend of features provides a truly distinguished look.  That look is further accentuated by the height of the collar.  This wonderfully stylish collar sits higher on the neck and provides the perfect blend of class, elegance, and sophistication. The Madison is a collar that will stand out in the crowd without calling undue attention to itself. It is the perfect choice for those seeking a touch of variety in their appearance while maintaining a look of tradition and class.

Point Length: 3¼

Spread: 5”

Tie Space: ⅜

The Windsor Tab CollarThe Windsor Tab Collar

The Windsor Tab Collar is a classic that has withstood the test of time.  A long time favourite of many stylish British gentlemen, this collar has garnered an equally strong following among well-dressed Americans.  The tab collar offers an element of uniformity by holding the tie consistently in place.  This uniformity, however, does not come at the expense of a look that is too studied or by sacrificing individuality. One of the most endearing features of the tab collar is how it allows the tie to form a perfect arch away from the body of its wearer.  This arch creates a look that offers additional depth and greater eye appeal to the ensemble.  Those who are seeking a unique look but who also disdain calling undue attention to their appearance will appreciate the appeal of The Windsor Tab Collar.

Point Length: 2½”

Spread: 2½”

Tie Space: ½”

The St. Andrew's Club CollarThe St. Andrew’s Club Collar

The St. Andrew’s Club Collar offers yet another opportunity to add a dash of variety to the traditional shirt wardrobe.  This rounded collar traces its roots to early twentieth century Eton College.  The look quickly caught on with stylish American students and eventually became a staple in many wardrobes.  The club collar can be worn soft or starched, pinned or unpinned.  This flexibility allows it to be appropriately worn with everything from a conservative business suit to the favourite tweed jacket.  The St. Andrew’s Club collar will offer a truly unique and alternative look.  It is a look that will be classically understated, but never under appreciated.

Point Length: 2⅜”

Spread: 3”

Tie Space: ⅜”