Cuff Descriptions

The Legacy Button Down CollarRegular Barrel Cuff With One Button

The Regular Barrel Cuff is 2-3/8 inches wide.  This is the cuff that is traditionally pared with our Legacy Button Down collar.  The Regular Barrel Cuff has a single button closure.  The button placement is higher on the cuff and is closer to the end of the sleeve than to the bottom of the cuff.  The reason for this placement has its roots in history. Prior to the advent of fountains pens, ink stored in wells was the primary medium for writing.  Due to its viscose nature, the ink would take a few minutes to dry once applied to the paper.  If the end of a cuff came in contact with the wet ink, the shirt would be permanently stained and ruined.  The solution to the problem was to fold the cuff back to the button. The higher button placement allowed for more of the cuff to be folded. If ink stained the shirt, the stain would be on the inside of the cuff.  When the cuff was unfolded back to its original position, the stain would not be visible, thereby extending the longevity of the shirt.

The Legacy Button Down CollarWide Barrel Cuff With One Button

This Wide Barrel Cuff is a wider version of our Regular Barrel Cuff.  At 2-7/8 inches wide, it provides a little more of a dressed-up or formal look.  It is perhaps our most versatile cuff.  This cuff has a one button closure, but unlike our Regular Button Cuff, the button placement is in the center of the cuff. The Wide Barrel Cuff goes well with all of our collars.  It is a great cuff to consider in any situation where a touch more formality is called for or where a bit more width is desired.

The Legacy Button Down CollarFrench Cuff

Our French Cuff is the perfect combination of formality and versatility.  This cuff is 3 inches wide and forms the ideal backdrop for your favorite pair of cufflinks.  The French Cuff is a double or folded cuff; it is appropriate for evening wear and for more formal business apparel. This formality, however, does not restrict its versatility. If one is more adventurous in their wardrobe, or is confident in bending without breaking the rules, the pairing of French Cuffs with our Legacy Button Down collar might be appealing.  The legend of the silver screen and iconic arbiter of traditional menswear, Cary Grant, frequently pared French Cuffs with button down collars. Perhaps this combination is worth consideration for others as well.

Short Sleeve

The Short Sleeve is the ideal compliment to any warm weather, casual shirt. It can be worn with any shirt regardless of fabric or collar selection.  We feel it looks exceptionally nice when worn in combination with our Legacy Button Down Collar when combined with our Popover design.  For warm summer days, or for a midwinter trip to the tropics, a Short Sleeve shirt will be a cool addition to your summer or resort wardrobe.

Single Link Cuff (not shown)

The Single Link Cuff is rarely seen in recent years; however, in the not too distant past, it was a widely accepted cuff for business apparel.  It has the appeal of having less

mass and thickness than the French Cuff but still allows the extra eye appeal afforded by a nice set of cufflinks.  The Single Link Cuff is still the preferred cuff construction when wearing white tie apparel. If this cuff is of interest please contact us at