• Family Owned and Operated


    Spencer Bennett, founder of Michael-Spencer, wanted to incorporate into the business the thing that means the most to him, his family. Before starting the company, Spencer knew he wanted to keep it a family owned and operated business and try to get his family involved in as many ways as possible and he has done just that!  Continue Reading

  • The Man Behind the Shirt

    By now you’ve probably figured out what Michael-Spencer is. Many of you already know that it is a company focused on custom made dress shirts. In addition to offering exceptional menswear, Michael-Spencer is also fulfilling one man’s lifelong dream!

    Let me introduce you to Spencer, the man behind the shirt. Spencer is the founder, co-owner, fashion enthusiast and brain power of Michael-Spencer. At the young age of five, Spencer was gifted his first blazer. Most five-year-old boys would be nothing less than disappointed to get clothing for Christmas. But, for Spencer, that blazer was his favorite and most memorable gift yet. Continue Reading

  • Bringing Back the American Button-Down

    Putthison.com featured us in an article. Thank you for the post!!

  • How to get great fitting shirt How to Get a Great Fitting Shirt

    Use a current favorite dress shirt from a leading manufacturer such as Brooks Brothers, Gitman Brothers, or Polo Ralph Lauren as a starting point.

    Try your preferred shirt on and determine what you would like to improve.  Is the fit too snug or too loose?  Would you like one sleeve a quarter of an inch longer?  How is the fit in the neck? Is the shirt too long or too short?
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