• Legacy Button Down Collar

    Legacy Button Down Collar

    The Michael-Spencer Legacy Button Down Collar traces its roots to the polo fields of Great Britain.  British polo players devised a collar that had buttons to hold the collar place in order to keep it from flapping around during the heat of the match. In the early 1900’s the idea of the button down collar was introduced in the United States and almost immediately achieved iconic status in the traditional American wardrobe.

    The Legacy Button Down Collar features 3.5 inches of cascading cloth which culminates in the perfectly executed roll that is so desirable to the devotees of this style. The Legacy Button-Down has withstood the test of time, the vagaries of fashion, and perhaps more than any other collar, has become symbolic of the free-spirited American style.

    From the polo field to the board room, and for every situation in between, if you are interested in a truly “unflappable” appearance, the Michael Spencer Legacy Button Down Collar is worthy of your consideration.

  • Family Owned and Operated


    Spencer Bennett, founder of Michael-Spencer, wanted to incorporate into the business the thing that means the most to him, his family. Before starting the company, Spencer knew he wanted to keep it a family owned and operated business and try to get his family involved in as many ways as possible and he has done just that!  Continue reading “Family Owned and Operated” »

  • The Man Behind the Shirt

    By now you’ve probably figured out what Michael-Spencer is. Many of you already know that it is a company focused on custom made dress shirts. In addition to offering exceptional menswear, Michael-Spencer is also fulfilling one man’s lifelong dream!

    Let me introduce you to Spencer, the man behind the shirt. Spencer is the founder, co-owner, fashion enthusiast and brain power of Michael-Spencer. At the young age of five, Spencer was gifted his first blazer. Most five-year-old boys would be nothing less than disappointed to get clothing for Christmas. But, for Spencer, that blazer was his favorite and most memorable gift yet. Continue reading “The Man Behind the Shirt” »

  • Bringing Back the American Button-Down

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