Oxford Cloth

Though named after the British university, oxford cloth is quintessentially American. Its open, basket weave construction and well pronounced texture portray a casual comfort and relaxed attitude that are so near and dear to the American psyche.

Oxford cloth is also extremely durable; it seems to only get better with age. We also find it very versatile. When worn unpressed and with a button down collar, it portrays an easy going lifestyle and provides the wearer the ultimate in comfort.   When worn sharply pressed and combined with a more formal collar, oxford cloth provides the perfect juxtaposition of elegance, and comfort.

Some apparel aficionados proclaim that the fabric’s substance and weave make it unsuitable for anything but casual occasions.  We, however, disagree. We feel that the cloth’s weight and texture only serve to enhance its appeal, charm, and character.

Legacy, durability and versatility, is the reason we selected oxford cloth as our inaugural shirting fabric.

Pinpoint Oxford

Frequently referred to as simply “pinpoint”, this fabric is a close relative to our classic oxford cloth. Pinpoint uses the same basketweave construction as our standard oxford cloth.  If differs, however in the thickness and the weight of the yarns.

Pinpoint has a higher thread count than oxford cloth.  It also has a lighter and finer weave. The thinner yarns, and finer weave combine to give pinpoint a dressier and more formal appearance.  Even though pinpoint is woven with finer yarns than standard oxford cloth, it is still known as a very durable fabric. Pinpoint tends to have a subtle sheen which also adds to its appeal.  Pinpoint oxford is durable, visually appealing, and is equally appropriate for both formal and casual occasions.


Broadcloth is a very lightweight, tightly wove fabric, with no visible pattern in the weave of the threads.  This produces a very smooth appearance, well suited for professional occasions.  When freshly pressed or commercial laundered, broadcloth produces a crisp, sharp look.  This classic material has been a staple fabric for custom shirt makers for many years.

Broadcloth is of comparable quality to pinpoint but is slightly more transparent and has less sheen.  Broadcloth also performs well as both a formal and a casual fabric. It is well appointed for all seasons, but its breathability make it especially well suited for warm weather environments.  Broadcloth is a classic fabric that should be part of every gentleman’s shirt collection.


End-on-end is a type of broadcloth that is extremely popular as a dress shirt fabric.  This cloth is known for its unique contrasting color which is caused by weaving colored thread in the warp and white thread in the weft. 


This two-color weaving process gives end-on-end cloth more texture, contrast, and some would say eye appeal and interest than standard broadcloth.


Twill fabrics are easily and quickly recognized by their diagonal weave and texture.  The diagonal texture is noticeable, yet also subtle in appearance.  Twill has a tight weave which drapes nicely.  It is also comparatively resistant to wrinkles.  Twill fabrics are more substantial and consequently less transparent than broadcloth.  There is also a very pleasing sheen to this fabric.

Twill’s soft drape, diagonal texture, and noticeable sheen, make this fabric an outstanding addition to our fabric selection. Royal Twill is the highest grade of this wonderful fabric.  The texture is slightly less noticeable. It is the highest quality twill and is made of very high thread counts.