Sizing Philosophy

Our goal at Michael-Spencer is to help you get a great fitting shirt; a fit far superior to any that could possibly be found by purchasing a shirt off-the-rack.  This means a shirt that looks good on you while also allowing you to be as comfortable as possible. A shirt that allows you to easily move and to go about your normal duties and responsibilities without any undue impediments.

We do not believe in the pursuit of the ever illusive “perfect” fit.  We find that term to be so subjective that it is almost impossible to define.

To help you achieve your desired fit we offer four standard fit options. If you prefer to wear your shirts with a roomy, more traditional cut, our Vintage Fit may be just right.  If you like your shirt extremely tight, our Extra Slim Fit could possibly be the answer.

A detailed description of our four fits can be found below.

Vintage Fit

Our Vintage Fit shirts are sized with a traditional full cut.  This full cut provides plenty of room for added comfort and increased range of motion. The Vintage Fit is based on the historical cut of oxford cloth shirts. The gentleman who requires greater fullness in his shirts, who likes having an extra bit of room, or who would just prefer to wear the historical fit of an oxford cloth shirt should give serious consideration to the Vintage Fit.

Classic Fit

It is very possible that the Classic Fit will become our most popular fit. It’s not too loose and it’s not too tight; for many it will be just right. The Classic Fit is a trimmed down version of our full-cut Vintage Fit. It is a little less roomy, yet it does not restrict movement or impede comfort.  The Classic Fit should fit the bill when the goal is a shirt that fits great but is not excessively loose.

Modern (Slim) Fit

The Modern Fit is designed to fit close to the body without being overly tight. This cut offers a slender silhouette, yet it is not unduly confining. Those who are younger, who have a trim or athletic build, or who just prefer a shirt with a bit more of a close-to-the body feel should find the Modern Fit perfectly suits their needs.

Extra Slim Fit

The Extra Slim Fit is our trimmest cut. It is designed for those who like to wear their shirts with a very tight fit. While this is a fit that we do not consider traditional, nor is it a fit we feel is our specialty, we are happy to offer it for those who do. Customers who follow the current trend of tight shirts should be able to meet their style objectives with our Extra Slim Fit.